What We Offer


Real-world Product Testing

We provide a personalized, efficient & cost effective testing ground for your project. Each of our team members has a strong background in audio, music, technology and is detail oriented to the point of obsession. Be it software or hardware we can offer focussed feature, ongoing regression and black-box/white-box testing.

Product Support

Presets, Demos & More

No matter what stage you’re at in your project, get in touch to see how we can support. From plugin and DAW preset creation, to audio demos and product walkthrough videos - We’ll happily tailor services to your specific needs whilst assigning a project manager to be there when you need them.

Customer Support

Support Around the Clock

Let us help with your support workload. Be it responding to a backlog of support tickets, offering a presence across forums and social channels or by scheduling live video sessions, we have you covered. Pairing customer service with QA is great way of ironing out bugs while enhancing the customer experience.


About Tropical Media

Why We’re Different

Tropical Media only work with those in the Audio, MIDI & Media Development Industry. Our staff have extensive and varied backgrounds in audio and technology and are detail oriented to the point of obsession. Founded out of personal necessity by product manager Daniel Alflatt and software developer Rob Rampley in Bali 2015 (hence the name), Tropical Media has gone on to work closely with some of the biggest brands in the business.

Whether you’re outsourcing your QA, preparing for the next big OS update or simply looking for a way to strengthen your support team, Tropical Media Lab can lend a helping hand. We offer highly affordable rates, put an emphasis on quality and we guarantee you’ll always be able to discuss your project/needs with a native English speaker with a strong audio, software & support background. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve very specific needs or requirements, we’re always happy to talk.

Meet Our Founders


Daniel Alflatt

Director of Operations

Touching on both software and hardware Daniel has worked in product management and development for companies like Tracktion, MOK and Prism Sound.

As a music producer, he has close to 20 years experience working with bands, brands artists & agencies in the U.K, U.S.A and throughout Asia. His music & sound design has led EMMY & ADDY award winning commercials and can be heard daily on T.V sets across the globe.

He has a deep understanding of music tech from both a product development and consumer perspective.


Rob Rampley

Technical Director

Rob Rampley has been involved in the musical instrument development industry for over 25 years. He’s toured as a musician & FOH sound engineer, worked as a sound designer and post mixer for film and held lead roles designing sounds for various synthesizer sound banks.

The past couple decades have been consumed with the development of a myriad of hardware and software products during long stints as a senior engineer at Line 6 and Alesis. Rob now runs his own company, MOK, focused on synthesizer algorithms and consulting development for companies in the MI space. Rob is the technical advisor for Tropical Media Labs and provides the overall vision, technical assistance & general wisdom to keep the group operating at a peak technical capacity.

Our Hourly Rates

Project-based pricing and block rates can be discussed on a per-project basis

Development Support

Creative content and testing solutions

$ 35 /Hour

  • Patch creation & sound Design
  • Patch QA
  • Unit tests for code libraries
  • API test harnesses

Testing / QA

Real-world testing by audio professionals

$ 35 /Hour

  • Focused feature testing
  • Ongoing regression testing
  • Black-box testing
  • White-box testing

Customer Support

Strengthen your support team

$ 30 /Hour

  • Email support
  • Forum presence & moderation
  • Documentation updates
  • Live assistance by appointment


with us.

Whether you’ve a specific project ready to go or just curious as to how we can help, send us a brief message and lets get the conversation started. We’re always happy to jump on a video call.